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TELC Summer Enrichment Program is a unique summer experience for kids 5 and +, with exciting field trips that anchor learning and strengthen common core foundation skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. During the eleven-week program, students will be exposed to a specially designed curriculum in both STEM and Health and Nutrition. The idea is to reinforce and extend these skills through the summer months, giving students a head start when they return to school and enter the real world. 

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We Are Preparing for Summer NOW!




TELC team is creating additional space inside the center and outside in the backyard play area.


The play area will be created for students ages 5+ to explore various age appropriate sports and outdoor adventures.


We are proud of our most recent addition TELC Preschool Track & Field.


As we are beginning the process for the newly renovated school age basketball and tennis court just in time for the summer. Be on the look out!  



The most unique feature about our program is that we blend fun and learning with weekly field trips and outings.


Our field trips anchor activities related to our curriculum and learning objectives.


Linking what the students are learning throughout the weeks to various hands on experiences that allows support for all different types of learners.


We include trips 2 to 3 fun trips per week in the students structured schedule for brain relaxation.



- Community Library 

- Bowling 

- Swimming 

- Roller Skating 

- Go Kart Riding

- Movie Theaters 

- Nearby Nature Trials and Parks 

- Oriole and Raven Stadium 

- & Much More!

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