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Register on or before Monday, March 21, 2022 and receive 5 FREE summer camp t-shirts. Full registeration includes $55.00 registration fee paid in full no later than Monday, March 21, 2022.

Kids Playing Tug of War

"We Make Exploring Fun For Everyone"

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Each summer, Tots HQ embraces a themed, learning-focused summer camp program. Your child will have a season packed full of fun activities that impart knowledge while embracing the joy of summer!

Here’s a snapshot of Tots HQ 2022 Summer Camp;

Let's Get Fit for Summer!

Our 2022 Summer Camp will be another wonderful experience where children will spend the summer learning, while being active and having fun! During Summer Camp, we use themed lessons, activities, and field trips that help to reinforce the theme for the summer. This summer we will be enhancing and zooming into the sport of basketball with tons of cool stops along the way!




Week 1: Break the Ice

Week 2: Drills - Movie Theaters

Week 3: Dribbling -Turkey Hill Ice Cream Factory

Week 4: Formation – Pretzel Shop

Week 5:  Passing - Go-Kart Riding

Week 6: Shooting - Port Discovery

Week 7: Scrimmage Game - Bowelro

Week 8: Pierces Park - Hot Skates

Week 9: Scrimmage Game - Skyzone

Week 10: Basketball Playoffs - Sixflags

Children's Race

03/20/2021 Early Bird Registeration Closes