Our Summer Program at a glance

Our Summer Porgram is geared towards helping the child learn about thier world around them. We take proud in our highly qualified staff members that nurtures the child and helps assist in critical thinking skills. Our goal, as educators, is to allow the child to become more involved in learning, by creating a safe environment, filled with fun activities, experiences and memeories.


We deliver those experiences out of a beautiful two story learning center designed for children ages 0 to 12 years.  At Tots HQ, summer by far is our favorite season as we oversee our students continue learning and growing outside thier classroom.


With two outdoor state-of-the-art play arenas, our students are able to enjoy learning in a variety of different settings.. This year, we are focusing on understanding our bodies and tapping into how excersing and healthy habits play a role on mind and body. We will intergate that specfic learning object by diving into the sport of basketball specifically. 

Non-profit Organization


Community Partnership


The World Around Us

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